Business Automation Apps to Improve Workflows

You’ve heard of how business automation can ramp up workflow, save money and boost efficiency for larger companies, but what about your small or enterprise level business? Don’t worry — you’re covered. There are plenty of turn-key apps that can automate workflow in your business without breaking the bank. Here we’ll discuss a handful based on industries that are relatively easy to implement, and some are even free to try so you can get in the driver’s seat without spending a dime.

Logistics: Reduce errors from almost any device

Leverage an app that major suppliers around the world are using to help employees scan barcodes that can track parcels and reduce human error, among many other features. The Scandit app is just one example of a mobile computer vision and augmented reality scanner that uses machine learning, barcode recognition, text recognition and object recognition that can be used with smartphones, devices with cameras, drones, wearables and robots — basically devices your employees are already comfortable using. 

Healthcare: More patient time, less paperwork 

If your goal is to reduce paperwork, allowing patients to enter their intake information on an iPad is a great start. Because your office staff spends enough time filling out forms and submitting information, why not reduce their workload with electronic intake forms? The app intakeQ allows patients to send intake in advance, and obviously reduces paperwork for your employees. Optional features include billing and invoicing, creating chart templates, and appointment management. 

Manufacturing: Audit your workplace on mobile

Gocanvas has an array of helpful apps, one of which we’ll highlight here: the 5S-Lean Audit Checklist app. It uses the 5S Lean Management Method, so it’s great for operations that are dedicated to efficiency and effectiveness (not to mention order and cleanliness). The 5S-Lean Audit Checklist app can help you automate the auditing process using lean methods to help improve safety, visual controls, continuous flow and employee engagement.

E-commerce: Re-engage your customer base

Re-engagement is an opportunity that’s ripe with potential, so why not spend less manual time on it, and let an app help? AdRoll starts off with a two-week free trial to show you its ability to grow your customer base, build brand awareness and grow customer loyalty. If you're interested in increasing your customers’ lifetime values, AdRoll’s automated re-engagement service centralizes marketing and advertising tasks all in one place. 

Customer experience: One app can change it all 

Marketo Engage is a great example of how an automation platform can help with many aspects of customer relationship management and the marketing funnel. Marketo Engage unleashes the power of account based experiences, which connects your marketing department to your sales team so they can work together to target high-potential accounts. From financial services to higher education and manufacturing, Adobe’s Marketo Engage can be customized for many types of industries.

Thankfully, this list is just the tip of the iceberg for out-of-the-box, ready made solutions. Depending on what you want to accomplish, and where you see your company needing help with automation, you may find an app that you can put into your employees’ or customers’ hands right away. After all, why not leverage devices your employees and customers are already familiar with? 

If you’re inspired by this list, but feel you may need a customized automation solution for your business, there are options. Talk to a team of data scientists so you can identify your business's most critical pain points, and then solve for them with Business Process Automation (BPA) Systems.

Looking for help understanding how you can take your business to the next level with automating workflows? Our team of business automation experts can guide you. Schedule a call and we’d be glad to help.