Case Study

Data Infrastructure for Financial Account, Asset and Performance Reports

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Customer Intro

StratorSoft’s customer is a full service fund administrator within the financial services space.

Customer Needs

The customer's Client Services and Fund Accounting groups needed to package and distribute account, asset and performance data reports for fund managers. The required report data was coming from multiple third party financial services organizations. They needed help building data pipelines that would aggregate and transform the data and store it in a data warehouse where it was prepared for reporting.


StratorSoft worked with multiple API endpoints coming from multiple hedge fund accounting systems to create ETL pipelines. Each pipeline was custom built using Python and would extract the relevant data from the respective accounting system, transform the data and load the data into an existing data warehouse. Stratorsoft also updated a legacy report packaging system to use a modern data stack and data lifecycle architecture. The modern stack employs a data pipeline to a data warehouse with PowerBI integration for data consumption.


The customer now uses a modern data stack for ETL pipelines and product/packaging and distribution.

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