Case Study

Remote Patient Monitoring Portal

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Customer Intro

StratorSoft’s customer is a remote patient monitoring company specializing in close monitoring of patients with implantable cardiac devices. The company came to StratorSoft to create a custom application that would assist in monitoring patients at scale.

Customer Needs

The customer needed to interface or integrate with multiple cardiac device manufacturers’ data stores to extract patient data. They then needed to aggregate extracted patient data into a privately accessible single database. Once patient data was in the database, they needed a way to analyze the data and to automate report generation, based on extracted patient data, for consumption by clinicians, nurses and doctors. Lastly, the company needed a mechanism for clinicians, nurses and doctors to view, analyze and process the reports.


The StratorSoft team used a combination of available secure APIs, automated web integration and EHR direct export to interface with multiple cardiac device manufacturers data stores. They were able to extract necessary patient information using image processing, object detection, pdf processing, automated data mining and HL7 and XML parsing. The team designed a database structure using MongoDB to securely store all extracted patient data. They developed a full-stack web application using Mongo DB, Express.js, React and Node.js (MERN) stack to allow clinicians, nurses and doctors to access stored patient data and move the data through a guided workflow to streamline diagnosis and patient billing.


With the implemented technology the customer was able to increase concurrent patient monitoring by 600%.

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