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stratorsoft analytics

All your physical security data in one place

StratorSoft Analytics is a data platform designed for physical security professionals. Connect, store, prepare, visualize, analyze, and extend data from multiple sources, regardless of technical skill.

Automated key metrics and analysis

End-to-end data solution

Highly interoperable

Demonstrate value through your data

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custom solutions

Custom software solutions for Physical Security

Our roots are deeply embedded in hands-on consulting for physcial security use cases, which gives us a unique understanding of the intricate challenges faced by physical security professionals.

API Integrations

Data transformation and cleansing

Automate manual business processes

Low code platform configuration

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Client Reviews

"Their team was great at communicating the specific deliverables and timelines and staying on track."

director of integrated solutions, William Blair
Client Reviews

"They're very receptive to our descriptions and create products that work perfectly."

CEO, Evoke medical care
Client Reviews

"The team performs excellently from a project management standpoint and responds to my needs quickly."

CEO, Wellness IP, INC.

Increase efficiency, optimize process, add value

StratorSoft's objectives are twofold. First, it seeks to increase the efficiency of physical security operations by easily identifying areas that can be optimized and streamlining work processes. This allows teams to work smarter without having to dig deep or use guesswork to find areas of improvement. Second, provide these teams with tools and insights to clearly illustrate their tangible value to the broader organization.