StratorSoft is dedicated to helping you increase efficiency and illustrate tangible value to your organization.

The story

StratorSoft is a leading BI and data analytics software company in the physical security industry. For physical security teams, optimizing systems, increasing efficiency and showing value is key, but doing so without harnessing the immense amounts of data produced by the security infrastructure is nearly impossible.

As such, a critical challenge has emerged: physical security teams struggle to leverage the data, despite recognizing its value, because they are lacking the resources or expertise to do so.

StratorSoft, as longtime consultants and software developers in the field, identified this need and is offering a platform, StratorSoft Analytics, designed specifically for physical security professionals. The platform provides these professionals a user-friendly yet comprehensive tool that supports them through the entire data analytics lifecycle.

Here’s what makes us different

We're a digital partner for organizations that want to evolve.

We care about helping you transform your business into an efficient, digital organization that will not only survive but thrive in the modern era.

We have over 20 years of combined experience within the physical security field.

We are not only software developers, but also consultants who have hands-on experience with the challenges physical security organizations face.

Meet the people behind all the ideas and code

Founder & CEO
Adam Groom
Founder & CTO
Jeffrey Groom
Damien White
Jyothirmai Chennamesetty

Increase efficiency, optimize process, add value

StratorSoft's objectives are twofold. First, it seeks to increase the efficiency of physical security operations by easily identifying areas that can be optimized and streamlining work processes. This allows teams to work smarter without having to dig deep or use guesswork to find areas of improvement. Second, provide these teams with tools and insights to clearly illustrate their tangible value to the broader organization.