Turn physical security data into actionable insights with StratorSoft Analytics

StratorSoft Analytics is an end-to-end, physical security, data platform, powered by the popular Domo Data Experience Platform, that equips physical security practitioners with direct access to and analysis of their data all in one place. It's not just a tool; it's a transformation – making you data-smart, proactive, and efficient in managing physical security.

End-to-end data platform for Physical Security

Take your data through the entire data analytics life cycle

Easily connect modern and legacy data sources through pre-built connectors.
Drag and drop functionality to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data.
Appealing and easy to use visualization capabilities.
Advanced analytics to uncover actionable insights.

Does this sound familiar?

Physical security professionals lack the tools and resources needed to take the massive amounts of data produced by their physical security infrastructure through the full analytics lifestyle. Additionally, these professionals are not familiar with tools or applications used to collect and analyze this data. How we handle this problem...

Objectively show KPIs

There are few universally accepted standards in physical security. Different organizations have different benchmarks and metrics to measure physical security performance, and the data collected is different. With the proper tools, data can be used to objectively show those KPIs for each organization.

Easily access data from legacy systems

Legacy-based systems, like access control and video management, often have dated and siloed architectures that make data extraction extremely difficult. With StratorSoft Analytics, easily connect modern and legacy data sources through pre-built connectors.

Leverage data with limited analytics knowledge

Practitioners know that their systems generate a lot of valuable data that could be leveraged, but they typically do not have the expertise to do so without support from data analysts or engineers. They understand that they need to put their data to use or risk underperforming or falling behind, but have different skill sets than those needed for this task. With StratorSoft Analytics, practitioners can leverage their data without being an engineer or analyst.

Overcome lack of internal data resources

The value of physical security data is not always recognized within organizations and the department is usually thought of purely as a necessary cost. As such, security teams do not receive the internal resources needed to both optimize the department and uncover efficiencies. StratorSoft Analytics allows practitioners to oversee and execute on the entire data process from accessing and organizing data all the way through extracting insights.

Replace labor intensive, manual reporting tools

Within the physical security industry, many organizations still struggle with manual data entry and piecing together fragmented data. It usually takes the form of manually pulling and entering data from various sources into a spreadsheet and trying to pull insights from there. This not only consumes valuable time, but often results in poor insights. StratorSoft Analytics automates the once manual data analysis tasks.

Increase efficiency, optimize process, add value

StratorSoft's objectives are twofold. First, it seeks to increase the efficiency of physical security operations by easily identifying areas that can be optimized and streamlining work processes. This allows teams to work smarter without having to dig deep or use guesswork to find areas of improvement. Second, provide these teams with tools and insights to clearly illustrate their tangible value to the broader organization.